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SUMMERTIME SALMON CHOWDER (paleo, aip-friendly)

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Despite our humid, 88 degree weather here, I found myself craving salmon chowder of all things the other afternoon.  I did an online search for a Paleo version, and thought that the ingredient list of Sarah Fragoso’s Scrumptious Salmon Chowder looked appealing.  I had most of what I needed at home except for carrots, bacon, and leeks, so the boys and I took a trip to our well air conditioned grocery to get some stuff.  It was a great excuse to get out of the house and cool off. Although Sarah’s recipe doesn’t call for it, I picked up some crisp celery at the store to add to my soup because I wanted that extra savory flavor in there.  I also opted to cook the bacon in whole strips, and then poured off the bacon fat and replaced it with virgin coconut oil before sauteing my veggies.  I know it’s common in Paleo cooking to use a fair amount of bacon fat, but I’m just not a fan.  I made a few more changes to the recipe, but mostly stuck to Sarah’s ingredient list and I have to say that the result truly was scrumptious!  Both of my boys enjoyed the dish, and I ate two large bowls at dinner, plus a bowl for lunch the next day.  I shared it with a friend of mine, and her response to her first bite was “yes!”  So, even though this is not my original recipe, I wanted to share it with you because it’s just that good.  And if you feel like checking out the Everyday Paleo website, be sure to look for Sarah’s Puerto Rican Beef and Chocolate Custard recipes.  They are two of my faves.